Faces of a Fatherless Nation

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Faces of a Fatherless Nation

Around the nation and even around the world we are faced with the impact of father absence. While research gives us some sense of what contributes to the lives of vulnerable children, we don’t definitively know to what extent father absence has played a role in shaping a fatherless nation.

Through photography and video Fathers Incorporated seeks to show the economic, societal, cultural, and geographic reality of Fatherlessness. In addition the short narratives will give us a snapshot into their lives.


Who Suffers the Most?

The dire statistics of poverty and under resourced communities would leave one to believe that the fatherless faces are ALL poor and Black. While this may be close to true and a overrepresented portion of that reality; the fatherless nation has many faces.


Sample Photo Story

One of many untold stories of fatherlessness

I was not raised by my father, but I am motivated by my unwaivering responsibility as a father and provider for my family. I involve my 3 boys in everything that I do because it is my God given obligation to Guide, Guard, and Govern my children. I accept this duty with open arms. I am also fortunate to have a wife who understands and supports that.

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