Next Level Life Skills

Traning Classes by Kenneth Braswell

Next Level Life Skills

The Fathers Incorporated “Next Level” Life Skills curriculum is a 14-module course of learning designed to develop practical life skills that are transferable throughout all aspects of life to include; interpersonal relationships, careers and employment, business, parenting, etc. The modules are ordered to build on each other, however each one has the ability to stand-alone and provide important and productive elements of life skills.

Class Style

The curriculum is conducted in a seminar/discussion style format. Participants are encouraged to engage in respectful exchanges of dialog to enhance the experience of peer learning. A comprehensive Pre-Post Assessment is given at the beginning and end of each course to evaluate the overall learning experience and achievement.


Curriculum Objectives

practical skills

Provide participants with practical skills necessary to navigate all aspects of life.


Develop the skills to make better, more informed and productive decisions.


Be more acutely aware of how they present themselves in the world.

Building Skills

Build life skills to incorporate the difficult nuances of societal expectations, viewpoints and realities.

Next Level Life Skills
at the University for Parents

Fathers Incorporated has conducted its 3rd semester of its Next Level Life Skills Curriculum at the University For Parents in Atlanta, GA. Each semester has been met with life transforming impacts on parents who have found themselves in need of self improvement and encouragement.

Life Skills modules

Introduction, Readiness & Assessment

How do you know if you are ready for a significant step in your life? Knowing you are ready is half the battle of life. This module will help you ask yourself the right questions. Am I ready? What do I need to get ready and remain ready? Participants will also explore their capacity to adjust to change.

Expectation & Prioritizing

What is your motivation? Are you looking to live or just survive? Where do you begin? How do you decide what’s important to accomplish? The best destinations in life are well thought out and planned. This module will engage you in conversations and activities to explore your dreams and desires.


How do you get from start to finish? Self-esteem is built or destroyed by your presence or lack of showing up when you said you would. Can people count you? This module will help you understand what it means to “be there.”


One of the most important roles in life is to use your ability to respond to the elements of life that demand and deserve your attention. Responsibility is measured by your commitment to respond. Are you quick to give up? This module will help you measure your commitment to responsibility.

Temperament and Emotional Presence

What is your first impression? How do you show up in the morning? Are you a morning or evening person? Do you wear your emotion on your sleeve? We often show up long before we speak. This module will explore how you show up in the world and help you with emotional control.


Keeping it Real. Do you believe what you see in the mirror? One of the most valuable attributes in partnership is ones ability to be true to who they claim to be. This module will highlight the importance of understanding what it means to be authentically you. It will also explore what happens when “keeping it real” goes wrong.

Organization and Structure (Law & Order)

The task of understanding the rank of command, decision-making and order can be daunting. Time management and multi-tasking can be in complete conflict. This module provides simple tools in organizing the activities and journey of your life. Who likes rules? Whatever you feel about them, we are a society of laws, policies, procedures, demands, commandments, guides and suggestions that govern our lives. There are benefits to following the rules and consequences for breaking the rules. In this module we explore the realities of being in or out of compliance.


One of the most difficult exercises in life is communication. How we relate to others, how we project, how we translate and how we understand each other can be the gateway or barriers to good relationships.

Conflict Resolution

What is life without having people and issues to disagree with? The skills of negotiating conflict are grossly underrated. Resolving a disagreement is probably the most essential attribute of human relationships. This module explores how your capacity or lack thereof to resolve conflict can make or break your ability to enjoy productive relationships.

Office Politics

You have found yourself on the inside or the outside of a click; and you don’t know how you got there (or maybe you do). Like in any other organized structure of people we tend to gravitate to others of our own likeness. This module will explore how to navigate the politics of your personal life relationships.

Personal Infringement

Is life spilling into everything you do? Can you departmentalize your drama? As humans it’s difficult to not allow elements of our life to overwhelm us and impact our ability to be in control. The task of keeping your life from destroying itself is monumental. This module provides a few tools to help maintain some semblance of sanity in an otherwise chaotic environment.

Cultural Awareness

In this day and age it is impossible to ignore gender, ethics, religion, racism, class, and cultural differences. Our personal realities expand beyond race and impacts the opinions and assumptions of people in very different ways. This is a discussion module designed to provide a set of guidelines for engagement when addressing issues of diversity.

Social Media Awareness

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms have become a part of our everyday existence. Having to develop the skills to integrate them into our lives has been left for us to figure out on our own. This module will explore the impact of social media on our lives.

Overview and Post Assessment

This module is an overview of the FI Life Skills and Career Readiness training. We will also conduct a post survey assessment to understand the effectiveness and level of learning by its participants.