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The Landscape of New Levels: How to Overcome Blessing Paralysis

By Kenneth Braswell

Have you ever arrived at a place that you believe should be familiar only to be surprised that the surrounding is unrecognizable? I suspect it’s the feeling that a mountain climber feels when they reach the top and overwhelmed by the vastness of seeing more than they expected. Looking out amongst the other mountain tops and gazing back to see how far he has traveled must have a consuming feeling of accomplishment. Obtaining a goal so high must also cause one to wonder, what’s next?

Nothing is said in the Book of Genesis about Adam and Eve immediately after GOD banished them from the Garden of Eden. However one must ponder that they looked at each other and one said, “What the heck are we gon do now?! Because of that assumption it has to be near the truth that an unclear state of mind must come with an “above expectation blessing.” Besides, we spend so much time on the journey to blessings that when we actually receive it, we can’t believe it.

It’s interesting to note that when Sarah was told she would bare a child in her old age, she laughed. Many of us in the midst of our wanting believe that one day we’ll reach our goals, yet can’t believe it once it happens. Moses must have thought, “Wow,” when Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go. Walking away stunned that he had actually accomplished what God set out for him to do. Even Joseph must have been somewhat surprised to realize that the prophesy of having all things bow to him, actually began happening right before his eyes. But what’s next?! What do you do when you are standing there in the midst of your blessing and nothing around you looks the same?

When President Obama won the presidency, many of us were in a state of euphoria. Ironically, half of us couldn’t believe he won and the other half couldn’t believe he didn’t lose. Almost immediately upon winning and the inauguration celebration I believe he realized that nothing around him looked the same. Thus in this new level of presidential blessing, he had to begin a new journey despite the unfamiliarity of his surroundings.

Simultaneously not only did he receive what he believed to be his blessing, he also immediately began receiving what one might describe as his curse. Everybody wasn’t happy about his new level. Journalist David Brinkley once said that “a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” To me what he was saying was that; once you have obtained your next level blessing, that immediately you will have to whether the attack, start working and building towards your next blessing.

Blessing Paralysis happens when you are so overwhelmed by the blessing that it inhibits your ability to activate its anointing. Blessing Paralysis prohibits you from beginning your next journey. Blessing Paralysis is also in effect when the burden of being blessed is more overwhelming than the burden of obtaining it. It always strikes me strange when a pro player becomes hurt that he/she immediately begins talking about coming back. One could argue that the blessing of being a professional athlete is blessing enough. However, their mindset is that the injury is an opportunity to begin building a foundation to higher blessings.

When the unfamiliarity of blessing occurs there are three things that must be addressed to ensure you are not stuck holding your blessing:

  • You have to believe the blessing is yours and it belongs to you. Two things put you on the path to blessings: 1) actively working every moment of your life with an eye toward believing the outcome is deserved and 2) believing that even if the blessing is more than your eyes can conceive; it should never be more than your heart can believe.
  • Never be afraid to fail in your blessing. Once you receive a blessing, people will begin to judge you by your new level. I believe that success is just a necessary milestone of failure.  The quest is to keep failing until success becomes just as familiar.
  • Understand that your obedience and faith to the process/path is what placed you in the position to receive the blessing. Even though the surrounding may look unfamiliar, the blessing shouldn’t. “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” (David Frost)

Success isn’t a reason to stop dreaming. Unfamiliar surroundings don’t mean you don’t know where you are. The process of next level thinking is hard to operate in because once you achieve it; you immediately have to determine the path to the next level. When we achieve what is believed to be our dreams it is critical to understand that our dreams may be much smaller than God’s desire for us. Which is why when we are seemingly over blessed, it doesn’t look like what we expected.

Yes, take some time to appreciate the blessing, even be joyful in the fact that God chose you. However, don’t allow the blessing to paralyze you into a state of stagnation.  A blessing is designed to bless, not to hold on to while you are mesmerized by the feeling of success or the fear of being attack. Also, while everything around you may seem different, unfamiliar and new, there are two things that should remain the same; YOU and the fact that the GOD who blessed you is still in the blessing game!